Learning with a game developer

This is the start of something new. My wife recently started sharing her learning and coaching process on Facebook and she has had a great response. At the same time our company is shifting focus towards more targeted growth and improvement, which I love. And finally I would to be more open about myself and my interests. I am an art director and I just love game development. I always want to learn and I would like share the process. This will might help others and simultaneously create a kind of guided process, or log about my own progress.


I will try to determine a topic each week for myself in which I want to improve. These topics will probably will be aligned to my tasks at work or a side project. My goal is to consciously set a target to broaden my knowledge or delve deeper into the subject. Then, each week I want to create a small post with summary of what I have learned.

Learning topics

The topics will be varied although centered around game development, creative software like Photoshop, Illustrator or MODO and occasionally more generic like Excel hacks or something 🙂